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Extra Life 603 is an annual gaming event held in support of Extra Life. Extra Life itself is an annual event where users pledge to play games to raise money for kids through the Children’s Miracle Network. You may choose to sign up for our team and pick a hospital, and then try to raise money that directly benefits the hospital you choose. Any community funds raised from raffle tickets and more will support the Boston Children's Hospital.


You are encouraged to choose Boston Children's Hospital for your own fundraising, but if you have a hospital you would prefer to support you are welcome to do so. You get to set your own fundraising goals, and there is no penalty for not reaching the goal. Participation in fundraising is recommended but not required. Do your best, come play games and help support this great cause.

Extra Life Fundraising Page

Our chapter of Extra Life started in 2015, and each year we've continued to grow. Last year we broke the $6000 mark, and this year we hope to smash that even further. 

Contact us at



Alex Quaintance


Head Director


Founder of the Extra Life 603 event. Gamer, modder, and event planner working to grow our event each year.


Mallory Quaintance


Marketing/Social Media



Dick Blueberry icon refined.png

Dan Quaintance


Live Streaming Director


Streamer on Twitch working to grow large and small communities with other streamers for the past 4 years



Josh Parr


Network Coordinator


Possibly the most important person for the event, Josh is critical for maintaining the network while enjoying some casual gaming on the side

Jenna Kreider


Event Logistics and Sponsor Director

Power and Layout Coordinator


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