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Extra Life 603 Pinball Tournament


When: October 1st, 2023

Where: Token's Taproom in Dover, NH

Noon Start - Please arrive by 11:30am

Doors at 11:00am

$20 Entry + Coin Drop

Can be paid cash at the bar or online at the link below. Must register in advance.

IFPA Sanctioned / WPPR's

5 Fair Strikes Tournament

48 Player Maximum

$1000+ Prize Pool

Raffles & Side Tournaments with proceeds benefiting Extra Life


Players will be grouped in pairs of 4 and assigned a random machine

Match ups will be reseeded after each round

Extra balls if not turned off must be plunged

Playing another persons ball results in an immediate loss for that game

1st place on the machine receives no strikes, with 2nd, 3rd and 4th getting 1, 1, and 2 strikes respectively

Finals will begin when 4 players are left standing

If a game malfunctions, please notify a tournament official asap and we will assist with the best fair solution

Everyone is expected to be respectful to others and the games. We can and will disqualify and eject players not abiding by reasonable standards with zero refund.

High Score Challenge (WPPRs)

Two machines will be chosen for the high score challenge side tournaments

Can enter any time between 11pm and 5pm

You may enter at any time for $2 per attempt, pot will determine payouts

Must have score recorded by official scorekeeper

Top 4 scores will go to a finals round on the same machine

Pingolf! (No WPPRs)

6pm Start

Played in pairs chosen at random

$5 Entry for Prize Pool

Up to 2 mulligans may be purchased for $5 donations each, you may use a mulligan to replay an entire hole for one person

9 Holes / 9 Machines

Shoot for target score, the ball you hit the target on determines your score

Ball 1 = 1, Ball 2 = 2, Ball 3 = 3, No Target = 4

Extra Balls may be played

Top 3 teams will win cash based on prize pool

Game List


Attack on Mars

Medieval Madness

Addams Family

Theater of Magic

Monster Bash

Godzilla Pro

Jurassic Park Pro

Mandolorian Pro

Stranger Things Pro

007 Pro


Iron Maiden Pro

Foo Fighters Pro

Grand Prix (Williams)

Venom Pro

Registered Players List

Derek Correia

Jordan Knights

Aaron Gunn

Joe Lemire

Jill Towne

Tom Chase

Alex Quaintance

Mallory Quaintance

Chastity Reeves

Jayson Kohl

Shawn Chastney

Irene Grasse

Rick Grasse

Zach Murray

Vincent Vitiello

Geoff Alterman

Anne Whipple

Luke Farry

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