What do I need?

Since the event will be virtual, all you need to watch is an internet connected that can go on Twitch.tv.

If you would like to participate in games or be eligible for stream giveaways you must have a virtual ticket.

If you just want to watch, just drop by! No ticket required.

The cost of the virtual ticket helps us cover some of the overhead costs that are still associated with putting this on. Any left over funds will be added to the prize pool.

What will be played?

See the tournaments list for what games we will be playing. 

We plan on having multiple Discord lobbies up for people looking to play other games together. Remember its about having fun, meeting new people, and most importantly raising money for the kids.

Will there be prizes?

Yes! Prizes will be given out to tournament/game winners, as well as many random giveaways for watchers during the entire event.

Do I need multiple tickets for my family if we are all watching?

No, you only need one ticket, but you will only be eligible for single entries for prizes as we have no way of knowing how many people are in the room. If each person in the household watching would like a chance to win prizes, individual tickets would be required.

I would like to donate, how can I do that?

See the donation links on the home page. This will take you to our official Extra Life team page where you can make a donation. You will be asked to choose a team member to donate to. If you do not know anyone specific, you will see a "person" marked Extra Life 603 (Alex). Please use this for our general team donations. Any cash or check donations will go into this team as well.

I would like to fund raise, how can I do that?

See the "Join the Fundraising Team" button on the home page. Once on the official Extra Life website, you will be able to register by clicking the "Join Our Team" button in green. This will allow you to choose a specific Children's Miracle Network hospital to support. Anyone who donates directly to you will see those proceeds go towards the hospital you chose. Set a goal, earn rewards, and help our team reach our ultimate goal of $5000.


  • This is a charity event, please use good judgement and be friendly. Nobody likes a sore loser!

  • Cheating or any behavior on voice chat or the stream chat deemed inappropriate by our mods will result in an immediate ban and void any prizes. Refunds will not be given.

  • Have your games pre-installed if you are participating. We will not hold up start times. We recommend launching and testing games before the event to make sure settings are correct and any issues worked out.

Are there age restrictions?

No, but there will be a portion of Friday nights later events (Jackbox) that will be for mature audiences only.