Extra Life 603 2019

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Extra Life 603 is an annual gaming event held in support of Extra Life. Extra Life itself is an annual event where users pledge to play games to raise money for kids through the Children’s Miracle Network. You may choose to sign up for our team and pick a hospital, and then try to raise money that directly benefits the hospital you choose. Any community funds raised will support the Northern Light Maine Medical Center. You are encouraged to choose Northern Light for your own fundraising, but if you have a hospital you would prefer to support you are welcome to do so. You get to set your own fundraising goals, and there is no penalty for not reaching the goal. Participation in fundraising is recommended but not required. Do your best, come play games and help support this great cause.

Bring Your Own Computer | TBD

Tabletop | TBD

Console | TBD

Extra Life 603 will consist of 40 Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) seats in the 3S Artspace performance halls, where you can bring your own desktop PC or laptop and play others in casual and competitive games. Tournaments will be hosted with trophies and raffle entries as prizes. You will also have access to console/tabletop freeplay.

Come join us and play a variety of tabletop and card games with friends or meet new people in the 3S Artspace Gallery. Diversions Puzzles and Games in Portsmouth will be generously bringing a library of games for people to check out and play. You are welcome to bring your own.

Come join us and play others in a variety of console games and participate in some friendly and competitive tournaments. Tournaments will be hosted with trophies and raffle entries as prizes.

We expect to have several consoles set up to play. Feel free to bring your own games or controllers!

Schedule​ (TBD)

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