Click the button to the right of the event and fill out the form to sign up. You must have a virtual ticket to participate in game. If you don't have a ticket, you can still watch!

Tournaments will have scheduled start times, and sign ups will be closed 1 hour prior to the tournament.

Have an idea for a tournament not listed? Contact us and we can see about making one happen!

Arcade Challenge Pre-Event


  1. 1. Stop by Tokens Taproom any time between Oct 30th and Nov 6th.

  2. 2. Get a scorecard from the bar. Write your name and date on it. 

  3. 3. Play any of the games on the right. You can enter for as many as you want.

  4. 4. Take a picture of your high score holding up the card, and email to Single player only please. We wouldn't know which score is true otherwise.

  5. 5. If it's busy, please let other people play! Don't hog the machines!




Scared Stiff

Addams Family


Attack on Mars

World Cup

Donkey Kong

Prizes: Extra Life 603 Keychain, Trophy, and Token Prize for each winner. 7 in total!

Pummel Party (Friday PM)


  1. Sign up to play using the button on the right.

  2. Purchase Pummel Party on Steam and test it out!

  3. If you have a group you want to play with, there is an option on the form to enter a "Team Name". Keep it classy.

  4. You will receive an email with instructions for the event.



Tune in on the Twitch live stream to watch several groups go through the party favorite known as Pummel Party. 

Vote on who you think will win, and you just might win a prize!

Prizes: TBD

Jackbox Games (Friday PM)



  1. 1. This event will feature 8 of our leaders.

  2. 2. You can play along using the instructions on the right. The "audience" is a 9th player composed of all people playing along. So the idea is for the audience to try and beat all the other players. 



Because Twitch has a roughly 30 second delay, you will want to join our Discord stream which has no delay to actively participate.

Discord Link

If you just want to watch, the Twitch Stream will work fine.

Prizes: For every round the audience wins, we'll give away a copy of a Jackbox Party Pack

Rocket League 2v2 (Saturday)


  1. 1. Sign up via form on the right. Please register as a team, or check the option for "pair me with someone".

  2. 2. Tournament name and password will be made live prior to event start.

  3. 3. Join, ready up, and have fun!



Watch a variety of teams compete via the Twitch live stream. 

Giveaways to happen during event.


Prizes: Custom Trophy and Displate Metal Poster (Shown Right)

Half Life 2 Death Match



  1. 1. Buy Half Life 2 Deathmatch on Steam (cheap)

  2. 2. Make sure your computer can run it!

  3. 3. Sign up using the form to the right.

  4. 4. Server name and password will be made available during the event.

  5. 5. Event will consist of a warm up, and 3 FFA heats. Total combined points wins.


Watch a large group of individuals go head to head in a chaotic free for all match-up in a classic Valve multiplayer game. 

Vote for your favorite player, player of the day and more for chances to win prizes.


Prizes: Custom Trophy and Displate Metal Poster (Shown Right)

Extra Life 603 Grand Prix



  1. Entry for this event is closed. Event is invite only, since this will be played by our GT Sim group. Don't worry though, it will be a riot and there are plenty of giveaways.



Watch 8 sim racers go head to head in a 3 race series, featuring dirt, street and race cars.

You will get an email before the event with a drivers name. If your driver wins, so do you!

The winning driver will receive a $200 donation to the hospital chapter of CMN of their choice.

Prizes: Each race winner earns a $50 donation, series winner get a bonus $50 donation.

Custom Trophy and Displate Metal Poster (Shown Right)

Nidhogg (Saturday PM)



  1. Event is invite only, since this will be played in person with our staff. Don't worry though, it will be a riot and there are plenty of giveaways.



Nidhogg is a staple of our Extra Life events. Watch players go head to head in this simple side-scroller game of tug of war. 

Vote for who you think will win on the stream, and you may just win a prize!

Will the 3 time champion retain his crown?

Prizes: Trophy, Ultimate Bragging Rights for 1 Year

Among Us (Saturday PM)



  1. We are still investigating this as a possible tournament, more to come. 



We are still investigating this as a possible tournament, more to come. 

Prizes: Variety of Gift Cards, Among Us Displate (Shown Right)

Raffles and Trophies



  1. Tune in at the end of the event for some final giveaways and announcements!

Thank you!


As always, thank you for making this event successful.

Prizes: Extra Life 603 2020 Jersey, Gift Cards, and more!

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