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Extra Life 603 & NH Belles & Chimes


When: October 2st, 2023

Where: Token's Taproom in Dover, NH

Doors at 4pm

6pm Start

$10 Entry + Coin Drop

Please register in cash the day of event

IFPA Sanctioned / WPPR's

5 Fair Strikes Knockout Tournament

$300+ Prize Pool and Trophies for Top 4

Example Payouts (May change)

1st: $150

2nd: $75

3rd: $50

4th: $25:

All Ages

Welcome to all cis & trans women & non-binary players comfortable in a women-centered experience.


Players will be grouped in pairs of 4 and assigned a random machine

Match ups will be reseeded after each round

Extra balls if not turned off must be plunged

Playing another persons ball results in an immediate loss for that game

1st place on the machine receives no strikes, with 2nd, 3rd and 4th getting 1, 1, and 2 strikes respectively

If a game malfunctions, please notify a tournament official asap and we will assist with the best fair solution

Everyone is expected to be respectful to others and the games. We can and will disqualify and eject players not abiding by reasonable standards with zero refund.

Game List


Attack on Mars

Medieval Madness

Addams Family

Theater of Magic


Monster Bash

Godzilla Pro

Jurassic Park Pro

Mandolorian Pro

Stranger Things Pro

007 Pro


Iron Maiden Pro

Munsters Pro

More TBD

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